Monday, July 23, 2007

How did you get here? DEBORAH COX is back!

If you know me, then you know Deborah Cox. I have been singing her praises for years. Deborah began her recording career at Arista Records where she lived in the shadow of Whitney Houston much too long. She did release her excellent album "One Wish" with Arista and had the global smash single "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here". Deborah and her producers have always chosen some great songs for her recording projects. Arista and her future home J Records just couldn't market her without the Whitney comparisons, which is sad because Deborah's albums and singles were usually much better than what Whitney was putting out at the time. The nail in the coffin was the Diva duet with Whitney, "Same Script, Different Cast". A monumental pairing of 2 of the best voices in pop & urban music. The track was fierce and way over the top but it did nothing to help Deborah further her career.

Not surprisingly, the only place that Deborah could do no wrong was on the dance floor. With Hex Hector at the table, Deborah's saucy R&B tracks became dance floor anthems. Deborah also tackled acting, most notably on the Broadway stage in the Disney produced "Aida". Deborah's recording career sat in limbo after her last album "The Morning After" failed to ignite. But you guessed it... (or I told you in the header)... DEBORAH COX is back!!!

Deborah has just released a brand new JAZZ album on Decca Records. "Destination Moon" is a heartfelt tribute to Jazz legend Dinah Washington. Let me tell you now... this girl has the pipes to pull this off! The entire disc is great from beginning to end. The best part of Deborah's approach to the songs of a legend, she doesn't try to copy Dinah but she does capture her spirit. Standout tracks include "What A Difference A Day Made", "This Bitter Earth", "I Don't Hurt Anymore", and the beautiful closing "Look To The Rainbow". You owe it to yourself to hear this CD, Deborah is a female vocalist in her prime!

DEBORAH COX tracks to Download: Hurt So Much, Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (ballad version), Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Mix), Same Script, Different Cast (w/ Whitney Houston), Easy As Life (from "Aida"), and the DESTINATION MOON cd.


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